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Lyoness work against hunger and work with education as a bridge to a new life.
International Project - Ethiopia - Tanzania - Mexico - Honduras - Philippines and in many other countries.


Free registration
It's very easy: Simply fill out the complete online registration form. Then you will receive your membership number and username and password to your Online Office via SMS or via email.

Benefits of every purchase
How it works? Quite simple: Lyoness offers a unique network of companies, SMEs and online partners, providing global shopping across all industries. Thus, members can now make their purchases from 24,000 partner companies and 3,200 online partner companies, and take advantage of cash back with every purchase.

With each purchase will be credited to the member up to 2% of the purchase value of his personal purchase account. When the balance on this account is above a certain amount, paid this to the member's private bank account.

Friendship bonus
If you recommend Lyoness to friends and family? You earn 0.5% of all the shopping your recruited member makes (the so-called Direct friendship bonus). Recommend your member Lyoness on to new members, it means an additional income for you on 0.5% of all the new member shopper (the so-called indirect friendship bonus)!

Borderless shopping!
Currently more than 24,000 Loyalty Merchants in 39 countries around the world provide unlimited shopping opportunities, there are also around 3,200 online stores which offer a selection of over 110 million items - in 42 countries.

Lyoness is currently active in 28 countries such as USA, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, South Africa, Sweden and in Asia Pacific (Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Philippines, Thailand) and has more than 2.4 million members worldwide.


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